Market Survey

Saenz Corporation has done an exhaustive study of the state of its industry. This industry is one of the most exciting industries in the United States. It enjoys an ever increasing market, a very healthy bottom line, and excellent opportunities for growth. The outside world demands a luxury day cruise line operation with a dedicated management team who possess an extensive amount of industry knowledge, gained through their many years of experience in the yacht charter and cruise line industry.  Saenz Corporation has all this to offer and its management team will keep its finger on the pulse of market demands. This industry is filling the needs of the consumer by catering to the demands of passengers through the consistent delivery of cost effective excursions that will benefit all parties involved. This is why Saenz Corporation fits perfectly for meeting and exceeding the demands of consumers in its industry.

  • Bahamas islands area is the world’s most popular cruise destination due to variety of activities and safety.
  • USA holds 60% of the global tourist market where 300 million people are within a 3 hour flight from the most popular ports in Florida & the Bahamas.
  • In 2009, 4.3 million passengers embarked from ports for their Bahamas cruise. (20% increase from 2008)
  • In 2010, 128 vessels with 128,000 cabins served the market. By 2012 it is estimated that the number of vessels to be 140 with 165,000 available cabins. This will bring the total number of passengers to 6 million.
  • Bahamas may acquire over 2.5 million passengers as it is the most popular cruise destination.

Saenz Corporation recognizes that it is participating in a very large industry with a great growth rate. Its projected growth will be set at a rate greater than the industry average. Saenz Corporation implementation of its business strategy will lend itself to fast paced development and dominance of a significant market share. The company has determined the growth of its market on the basis of an ever-increasing customer base, and dollar volume base as well.

Florida Today
March 18, 2011
by Craig Rubadoux

MIAMI BEACH — Sobering international events such as political uprisings, an economic recession and even rising fuel prices weren’t enough to stop people from vacationing last year. Cruising remained a popular option, with more people taking cruises in 2010 than ever before. The cruise industry forecasts another strong year in 2011 despite the known and as yet untold crises the world faces. Last year, 15 million people went on cruises and the industry is expecting a 6.5 percent increase this year to 16 million. They will be riding on a fleet that’s growth by 35 new ships over the last year, including the Carnival Dream at Port Canaveral, according to Jan Swartz, executive vice president of sales, marketing and customer service for Princess Cruises and Cunard Line who also serves as marketing committee chairwoman for Cruise Lines International Association, the industry’s leading trade group. Many existing ships were also upgraded or refurbished. And even still, cruising remains an untapped market. Only 3 percent of Americans cruised last year, according CLIA, which means lots of growth potential for cruise companies.